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JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort: La La Land Loving

This was like a dream come true (Can somebody pinch us to make sure?) and we can not wait to share with all of you that we have been collaborating with the one and only, drum rolls please, Mr. Bill Bensley himself! Yes, The King of Exotic Luxury Resorts and not to mention that he is our all-time favorite landscape and interior designer!!! Together with Bill Bensley we are giving you the first look to one of his latest projects, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort in Vietnam or AKA University Lamarck. If you are ready to have your breathe taken way and live forever and ever in this one-of-a-kind wild whimsical dream world of La La Land loving follow us this way! Oh and you can also re-live our beautiful stay at JW Marriott Phu Quoc in just 60 Seconds below ;) Enjoy <3 


Superb location, perched on the pristine cove of Khem Beach (Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam) and equipped with its very own private beach. JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay resort is boasting an astonishingly quirky design and state of the art architecture, courtesy of Bill Bensley. We really thought we were living on the set of the fantastical and dreamy La La Land, the movie that received 14 nominations at 89th Academy Award, tying the record of World’s Most Nominations with iconic Titanic. Bill really did it again, worked his magical all over this place. The resort is set within the mythical historic Lamarck University, a scientific school built in 1880. The name honors French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck who laid the foundation and groundwork for The famous Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution. And let me just put this on the table – we have never seen or experience any place with this much attention to exquisite detail. This is absolutely next level, and to us this is mind blowing! We will reiterate for you now!

Everything was just so perfect! Starting from the extraordinary pick up from the resort’s most iconic “Golf Car” but you would think of it as a real car due to its marvelously classical and opulent design; painted in full black, housed full black on black leather seats, and topped with the luxurious red carpet floor. Bounded to our Turquoise Suite our chauffeur cruised us through this beachfront paradise starting with Rue De Lamarck, the beautiful street that features all of these ultra chic boutiques and cafés. As we looked up we saw endless lanterns hanging above Rue De Lamarck, we can not wait to see all of this lit up at night. Then the path way lead us to JW Marriott Private Beach that stands shoulder to shoulder with not one but three outdoor pools, making a perfect spot for bronze up and get that perfect sun kissed tan skin. Each building is its very own faculty and designed accordingly, giving an extra utterly unique ambiance. For example the main dining area is Department of Architecture, the door knob of the entrance is a metal ruler and the bar is Department of Chemistry, not wonder why many awesome cocktails are served in science-lab-glass-beakers. How awesome is that? As you glance around you will see that you are surrounded by the hall of fame, each picture frame tells you a unique yet fun story of each professor at University of Lamarck, and of cause our favorite is Bill, The Builder.

The Emerald/ Turquoise color of both the ocean and the suite painted a perfect backdrop to the palette of a tropical kind of dream paradise. As we arrived in our Turquoise Tower Suite we started to think if we’re only dreaming and letting our imagination run wild wild west. As you have shared with you each building on the premise modeled after the individual academic department, our Turquoise Tower Suite is located in the Zoology Department and the suite is decorated within this theme. Each detail has been so well thought out and carefully crafted accordingly. Our favorite decoration is none other than the pair of Pink Flamingo Statues which match perfectly to my Pink Flamingo Sophia Webster High Heels! That is when we know we are in the zone and that JW Marriott Phu Quoc is definitely a place to be. From our suite we love our daily doze of inhaling the panorama killer view of the 360 degree uninterrupted oceanfront sea landscape merging into one with the horizon that stretches as far as our eyes allow. Enjoying the fine gourmet in-suite-ding experience and bubble bath time sipping champagne are also a MUST!!!

JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort is an extraordinary world! There is no other place like this! A perfect mixture of a bygone era; a uniquely whimsical french colonial style. Bill Bensley has really woven his true magic into every single detail. How can you possibly have enough of the golden sand, crystal clear turquoise water, the endless rainbow-liked sunset, and the true 5 star luxury experience that JW Marriott Phu Quoc has to offer? If we are dreaming please don’t wake us up! …. We literally can not wait to see and come back to JW Marriott Phu Quoc when everything is fully finished. We will always dream about you, until we meet again. xx


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