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The Amazing Race through America

The great American Experience is all about so many amazing things ranging from the charming Savanna displaying the beautiful bayou swaps to that perfect Tex-Mex barbecue, the dazzling French Quarter of Jazz-Loving New Orleans with Southern’s best fried chicken, the unseen beautiful of the Caddo Lake, World’s biggest cypress tree forest, the notorious Las Vegas. An oasis of indulgence in the desert, nature’s most perfect playground Utah and the home of the great Grand Canyon, the magnificent waterfront of San Francisco and Hollywood made famous Lalaland, Los Angeles. Just to name a few. The United States are most probably the most diverse and richest landscape as each state adds its uniqueness to the grand patchwork that is America. A country of road trips and the great open horizon with over 4 million miles of highway. Making road trip the ultimate experience to properly roam this amazing land!

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