The Amazing Race through America

The great American Experience is all about so many amazing things ranging from the charming Savanna displaying the beautiful bayou swaps to that perfect Tex-Mex barbecue, the dazzling French Quarter of Jazz-Loving New Orleans with Southern’s best fried chicken, the unseen beautiful of the Caddo Lake, World’s biggest cypress tree forest, the notorious Las Vegas. An oasis of indulgence in the desert, nature’s most perfect playground Utah and the home of the great Grand Canyon, the magnificent waterfront of San Francisco and Hollywood made famous Lalaland, Los Angeles. Just to name a few. The United States are most probably the most diverse and richest landscape as each state adds its uniqueness to the grand patchwork that is America. A country of road trips and the great open horizon with over 4 million miles of highway. Making road trip the ultimate experience to properly roam this amazing land!

As we will be traveling on the pacific coast highway, taking the historic Route 66, going down the Southern Pacific, making journey from border to border and all around, we really need the car rental with the best car selections as well as the most pick up and drop off locations. Because we literally will be traveling from east to west and all around.

It was no brainer, we choose Hertz. One of the world’s largest vehicle rental company and it is American! Hertz has so many cool collections of cars! We first had our eyes on the new collection of the Americana! Who would not want to get the adrenaline pumping and get in driver’s seat in the limited iconic mustang? Then we realize that we will be on a road trip for a month, traveling with our huge luggage, so all that would not fit into our mustang! Ouch!  Being realistic, we then move on to the luxury collections, which have variety of cars. Luxury SUV included! This is perfect! However, it was Easter weekend and we booked our ride just few days before the trip, choices were quite limited and we were very happy with our white Lexus NX 300!

It has a very spacious cabin and an overall sense of luxury. Cargo space is plentiful which is perfect for someone like me who does not know how to pack light. Hertz’ Lexus NX 300 also offer an optional hybrid power train for those seeking maximum fuel efficiency, another box ticked.  It has that sporty look that we love and it was so easy to drive with a standard adaptive suspension, G-Force, and turbo boost gauges. It provides a quiet and comfortable ride.

Now to the car pickup with Hertz, through it was peak period the check in process was very quick and smooth. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. After signing few pages off, we go to get the car on the higher floor, which is the parking. As soon as we arrived, we can see that our car has already been parked up front and ready for the ride. The car is so shinny waxed that it sparkling. Nevertheless, the best part is Hertz actually gift wrapped our car! Wow! This went above and beyond! There were a huge yellow Hertz ribbon on our car. We feel like it was our birthday all over again! We could not stop smiling to our ears!

Then off we go, we drove our Hertz’ NX 300 literally everywhere. Even on the road to Lake Powell Alstrom point! You may not have heard the name before, but we bet you most definitely see a photograph of it. This is the scenic spot overlooking Lake Powell and it is the coolest camping spot in Utah. If you want to experience Lake Powell this is the place to be. The challenge is access to Alstrom. This is not horseshoe bend where you can just follow the lines of the cars to your destination. You need the four wheels drive. Our NX 300 performed really well throughout with its high clearance, excellent built in GPS, and great car handling. We drove 42 miles from page to be here. All is good!


We also want to take the road less traveled. It has been a dream of ours to travel to the famous Utah’s bentonite hills, the desert that looks like Mars on earth. This was totally our favorite ride yet; we drove 6 hours from Las Vegas to be here during the sad storm. But it was worth every mile. Located just ease of Capital Reef National Park, the paradise is found! The scenery was mind blowing, we see these rainbow hills lie as far as your eyes can see!

The gorgeous round masses of clay that are actually formed of layers of soft stone with various colors; red, brown, green, blue, and purple! It was one of the most unique and most beautiful landscape that we have ever seen! Our trip to the US could not be as perfect without having a perfect car to travel with. We love all of these amazing races we had. Hertz also made it easy to pickup car from anywhere and drop them off anywhere too! We cannot wait to come back here and we will always use Hertz wherever we go! We love hertz! Until next time.

Jibbie & Patrick Gouret

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