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A Serene Escape at AYANA Resort Bali

Our arrival at AYANA Resort Bali was nothing short of spectacular. Spread across 90 hectares of cliff-top gardens overlooking Jimbaran Bay, AYANA Resort Bali seamlessly blends luxury with nature. From the moment we stepped into the grand lobby, we were enveloped in an atmosphere of tranquility and opulence. The warm Balinese hospitality and the serene ambiance set the perfect tone for our stay. We began our adventure with a visit to the iconic Rock Bar, perched on natural rocks 14 meters above the Indian Ocean. As the sun began to set, we sipped on their signature cocktails, the sky ablaze with hues of orange and pink. The sound of waves crashing below and the cool sea breeze made it a surreal experience. The view was nothing short of mesmerizing, and it was the perfect introduction to the beauty of AYANA Resort Bali.

Our villa was a private sanctuary name AYANA Villas Bali, a 1BR Ocean Front Cliff Villa Nestled amidst lush tropical gardens with its own infinity pool, it offered panoramic views of the ocean. The decor, a harmonious blend of traditional Balinese art and modern luxury. The outdoor rain shower and the luxurious king-sized bed with soft, silky linens added to the charm. Each morning, we woke up to the gentle sounds of nature and a breathtaking view of the sunrise over the ocean. We indulge ourselves daily with fresh flower bath while sipping a glass of Champagne. On my birthday, the resort team has magically wrote “Happy Birthday Jibbie” with fresh red rose petals on the floor. Another special touch to complete a beautiful holiday.

The resort’s commitment to sustainability is truly commendable. AYANA Resort Bali’s lush gardens are not only beautiful but also serve as a habitat for various species of flora and fauna. They use eco-friendly practices throughout the resort, from water conservation to waste management. It’s heartening to see such dedication to preserving the environment while offering a luxurious experience. One of the most memorable moments of our stay at AYANA Villas Bali was experiencing the floating breakfast in our private villa pool. Surrounded by the tranquil sounds of nature and the soft morning light, we enjoyed a delicious spread of fresh fruits, pastries, and traditional Balinese dishes, all while floating on a beautifully arranged tray. In the evening, we had a romantic candlelit dinner by the ocean in our private villa. The fresh seafood, paired with the sound of waves and the starry sky, and an amazing colorful sunset, made for an unforgettable dining experience.

Dining at AYANA Resort Bali was an extraordinary culinary journey. From Mediterranean dinner at SCUSA to Italian night at Sami Sami to traditional Balinese food at Kisik, every meal was a delight. Our romantic dinners at our villa were our favorite. Our ocean front garden is being transformed into Paradise, the entire walkway was being firely lid with candles and paved way with rose petals. The chef’s tasting menu, paired with fine wines, was a gastronomic adventure that tantalized our taste buds. Each dish was a masterpiece, reflecting the rich culinary. The resort offers a plethora of activities that cater to all interests. We indulged in a rejuvenating spa treatment at the world-renowned Thermes Marins Bali Spa. The Thalassotherapy Pool, with its stunning ocean views, was a unique and invigorating experience. We also enjoyed a yoga session at sunrise, which was both relaxing and invigorating, offering a perfect start to our day.

Exploring the resort’s expansive grounds was an adventure in itself. The lush gardens, pristine beaches, and scenic walking trails provided endless opportunities for relaxation and exploration. We spent hours at the Kubu Beach Club, soaking up the sun on the private white sand beach, and took a leisurely stroll through the beautifully landscaped gardens, discovering hidden gems at every turn.

With love,

Jibbie & Patrick Gouret


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