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Mandarin Oriental Marrakech, La vie est belle in Marocco

Expanding like a palm embroidered desert oasis of glittering pools, lakes and garden, the resort 54 villas are definitely the hardest place to leave the red city. There are no basic rooms here; the only choices are between the tres-chic suite with heated plunge pool or the opulently lavish pool villa. Just only the best of the very best. La vie est vraiment belle a Marrakech. Of course, we choose nothing but the jaw dropping beauty, the iconic Oriental Pool Villa. Mandarin Oriental Marrakech boasts everything you could ever expect from the top luxury hotel. Carrying such a well-established name, owning a justifiably world-class-services, including two gigantic swimming pools one outdoor and one indoor, fully equipped fitness, a renowned spa inspiring from the oriental heritage blending with the Moroccan location, a variety of tempting restaurant and the beautiful views of snow-capped Atlas Mountains. It is without a doubt, one of the best resorts in Morocco and a fantastic base to explore one of North Africa’s most exciting travel destination. Mandarin Oriental Marrakech is hardly just a resort. It is a destination worth exploring upon itself.

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Rosewood Phnom Penh, A Sense of Place


Soaring nearly 200 meters above the very heart of the Cambodia Capital and the central business district lies the new ultra-luxury Rosewood, our hotel of choice during our entire stay in Phnom Penh. Topping out the 39-story of the city’s most iconic, as well as the tallest, Vattanac Capital Tower, displaying the unparalleled and unstructured 360 degrees view of the mighty Mekong River as well as the city from the former French colonial quarter in the north all the way to the Royal Place in the Southeast. Setting a new level of luxury in Phnom Penh. We seriously could not choose a better home away from home in this city.

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Shinta Mani Wild, The Golden Age of The Wild

Making our adrenalin-filled entrance flying over this magical 865 acres of the private wildlife corridor connecting the three national parks together (Bokor, Kirirom, and Cardamom) via a 380-meter long zip-line. Soaring through the exquisite Cambodian Jungle over countless canopy of trees and the majestic waterfall. Suddenly, we could hear people singing “Happy Birthday” in the distance during the zip-line, as we approached the landing zone I could now clearly see our Bensley Butler with a beautiful wild flower bouquet and an all lit up big birthday chocolate cake with my name on. The general manager (with a custom-hand-made birthday card signed by all the staff) and the team were also there to warmly greet us, we also noticed the beautiful welcome drinks (which later became our regular go-to everyday drink throughout our stay, it’s fabulous and so refreshing!) made of a shot of tequila in the infused ice pineapple cordial with a beautiful twist of the perfectly blended anise and clove. Everyone and everything was ready and set up even before we even removed our harness. What a truly 5-star loyalty kind of welcome this is. We were then swiftly escorted to our jaw dropping fashionably gorgeous and luxurious #1 The Cambodian Royalty Waterfall Tent, perching over rolling rapids offering an undisturbed 360-degree view of the raw nature. Our waterfall tent is the furthest from camp (and the absolute best) making it the most private and scenic. It has become one of our all-time favorite villas in the world. We seriously cannot imagine a better plan to celebrate my birthday week than at our beloved Shinta Mani Wild. Are you ready? Come with us this way!

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Four Seasons Chiang Mai: The Kingdom of Lanna’s Paradise

The Kingdom of Lanna, bordering Myanmar and Laos, is blissfully calm yet blessed with rich culture, mouthwatering cuisine and breathtaking landscapes. Mountain valleys, the dreamy sea of mist at sunrise, flower fields of all colors, and the breezy weather. Many of the reasons why we like it so much here. The capital of Lanna, Chiang Mai, is Thailand’s second largest city and is definitely a destination not to be missed. One of the best places to stay here is undoubtedly Four Seasons Chiang Mai, which is why we are staying here again. We are so happy to be back and oh did we mention that it is pet friendly here as well! Yeah! Checking into our Pool Villa 7, come with us this way.

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The Amazing Race through America

The great American Experience is all about so many amazing things ranging from the charming Savanna displaying the beautiful bayou swaps to that perfect Tex-Mex barbecue, the dazzling French Quarter of Jazz-Loving New Orleans with Southern’s best fried chicken, the unseen beautiful of the Caddo Lake, World’s biggest cypress tree forest, the notorious Las Vegas. An oasis of indulgence in the desert, nature’s most perfect playground Utah and the home of the great Grand Canyon, the magnificent waterfront of San Francisco and Hollywood made famous Lalaland, Los Angeles. Just to name a few. The United States are most probably the most diverse and richest landscape as each state adds its uniqueness to the grand patchwork that is America. A country of road trips and the great open horizon with over 4 million miles of highway. Making road trip the ultimate experience to properly roam this amazing land!

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New York At Its Very Best

New York, the city that never sleeps, rising triumphantly out of the ground into the sky. Boasting endless landmarks; the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, The World Trade Center, just to name a few. The question that always come up is what is the best way to experience all this magnificent view? Is it from the top of the building? Is it from flying over the city in a helicopter? Now we have the answer and we can wholeheartedly say that the best way to experience its world’s famous skyline is really from sailing on the Hudson River. Nothing can beat experiencing the magical sunset over New York City from the water on this evening cruise for 4 hours straight on the Narwhal Yacht.

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