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Sevenseas Koh Kradan: Remote Tropical Paradise



Our jaws drop as our longtail boat cruising closer to Koh Kradan and the ocean started turning into crazy shades of vivid turquoise blue. No wonder why our resort is called “Sevenseas Resort”. The water is crystal clear we can see white sand underneath the ocean’s floor. As professional island hoppers we are not afraid to say that this is most definitely one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. We got asked by many of our followers where the under radar, non-touristic, and secluded tropical paradises are? Koh Kradan just made it to that list.


As we were approaching closer we can see now see glimpses of our Beach Front Villa through those palm trees. Some parts of Koh Kradan is National Park, the only mean of transportation is traditional longtail boat which I love as you can cruise on the leisure pace. This view is absolutely priceless and we knew that we would have memorable stay here on the next few days. Upon our arrival we were warmly welcomed by the resort manager and the staffs, smoothly transferred us to check in, and then to our beautiful “Santi” Villa.

Sevenseas Resort is the best accommodation on the island and “Santi” Villa is their top tier. This beachfront villa is decorated in simple and minimal style with earthy tone, air-conditioned floor-to-ceiling glass house with outdoor open-air bathroom, soft white cotton king sized topped with bamboo frame which hangs white mosquito net beautifully, outdoor sundeck, and private pavilion with soft mattresses on your verandah facing the ocean.


Breakfast is served from 7.00 – 10.00 AM with options of American or Thai Breakfast at the dining area (Sleek dark wooden lounge with high ceiling decorated with funky white bamboo star lights) right next to the reception and in front of the main swimming pool. Lunch and dinner is available throughout the day and last order must be made before 7.30 PM. Our favorite mouth watery dishes that you must try are Green Curry, Deep Fried Sea Bass with Tamarind Sauce, and Massaman Curry. Favorite cocktail is Piña Colada at resort’s cute bar next to the restaurant “Barnacle”

The island is just 4 kilometers long and ideal for island strolling. First we strolled to the right side until we reach the edge of the island, perfect spot for sun lounging where we pulled our beach towels and lay down. This is such a beautiful day the sun is shining bright against clear blue sky reflecting on the glittering crystal clear turquoise water. We couldn’t believe that this is the rainy season in Thailand. Words cannot do this island the justice. So let the pictures speak for themselves and here are our aerial footages from my drone.


Seven Seas Resort - Villa Santi


After that we strolled to the far left and oh my gosh this is one of the happiest day of my life; 5 adorable puppies and 10 amazing dogs (they are all nice and friendly) at the chill bamboo restaurant nearby. If you have been following us for a while you would already know that myself and Patrick we are extreme dog lovers (Including street dogs! Yes! They are the ones needing love and care the most!). For me dogs are the cutest and greatest animals. Sometimes I even feel that we don’t even deserve their love, loyalty, and friendship. Trust me when I say this that I have NEVER met one mean crazy dog! I was told by someone on the island to be careful, as there are aggressive dogs on this island when I told myself that this is most likely untrue and I have to find out myself. And I was right! Some dogs seem more aggressive than the others only because he was badly treated or even been beaten up. How unfortunate! Nonetheless, You can play with any dog just look at his/ her gesture first before approaching. For example if you are carrying a stick the dogs will bark at you as they think you might attack them when you drop your stick he/she will wave his/her tail and come to play with you. For non dog lovers do not be afraid of the dogs, they will not bite you for no reason. If you dislike them just ignore and leave them alone. And please please do not hurt our animal friends, we are also animal living in this world on borrowed energy. Life is too short, just be nice to one another.


Unfortunately on our last 2 days the storm passed by and it was raining most of the time. Nonetheless, we really had a memorable stay and so thankful that we have had some sunny days. But we most definitely have to return to this remote tropical paradise again during the summer! We couldn’t get enough of this hidden/ gorgeous island. Looking forward to our future return to this place. <3


Sincerely yours,

Jybby & Patrick



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