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The Ancient Wonder of The World – Egypt Part 1

This ancient capital brings out the wanderlust and explorer in all of us. Egypt gave us the warmest welcome with the mighty Nile River, The Only Ancient Wonder of The World that still exists, jaw dropping monuments, mesmerizing desert, and countless hidden discoveries. A surreal journey to the beginning of time. The highlight of our trip was undoubtedly when we’re exploring the unseen and natural wonders of Egypt along Nile River for 6 nights on the exclusively and luxuriously relaxing Nour El Nil Cruise. If you are ready to sail away into the horizon with us, jump on board!

Arriving at the heart of buzzing city of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Hopping on the beautiful vintage car on route to our hotel, we rolled down our windows to get up close and personal experience. Noise echoing from every direction, cars blowing their horns, people crossing the streets, and vendors selling fruits and vegetable on the pavements – It’s a true beauty in chaos. Suddenly, someone put his hand through our window, smiled at us, and gave us 2 pieces of freshly baked breads. It was a man driving the van with his family. What a beautiful world we are living in! It was the sweetest welcome to Cairo, thank you to the lovely people of Egypt.

Kicking off our 3 days in Giza, home to the only ancient Wonder of The World that still stands today – The Grand Pyramid. Built thousands of years ago, these pyramids are still standing strong as the testament of time. Upon our arrival to the Giza Plateau we were like little kids, our heart raising and feet jumping in excitement. This is a sight that must be seen at least once in a lifetime. The Grand Pyramid made of 2.3 million bricks of rock, piled up to 480 feet and survived through everything! Giza cased a spell on us, we were walking everywhere under direct sunlight for 3 hours non-stop.

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  • Reply Iel April 14, 2020 at 4:26 PM

    What an incredible view, whats the name of the hotel?

    • Reply Jybby & Patrick April 29, 2020 at 3:24 AM

      Thank you for your comment, this view was taken from the roof of a guesthouse called Pyramids Loft Homestay

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