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 “Snake Island, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines”

Don’t worry there are no snakes on the island. It was called Snake Island because of this thin sandbank connecting 2 islands together has a shape that bears resemblance to a snake. The island looks different during low vs. high tide. During low tide like this you can walk on the sand bank from one end to another. While during high tide the sand bank is under water. I prefer going there during low tide to enjoy walking on water experience. The thing you must do is the mini trekking which takes you up to the view point where you can  the whole sandbank connecting 2 islands together and the crystal clear baby blue water surrounding the sandbank. No tiring at all and the view is worth every step of the way. You can also swim on the both sides of the sandbank.






If you are staying with El Nido Resort like us the trip to Snake Island is about 15 mins boat ride and is completely free as it a part of their endless excursion program. Highly recommended the stay with any of El Nido Resort (enjoying the privileges of; staying on private island, superb customer service, and best food I have ever tasted in the entire Philippines. The reviews of our stay will be feature soon). But if you are staying at Elnido Town you can access snake island by boat which takes about 45 minutes.

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