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Park Hyatt Siem Reap: An Ultimate Luxury Escape to Angkor Wat


A home to one of the eighth wonder of the world, The Angkor Wat, and a living proof of Khmer Empire’s glorious era and flourish civilization with impeccable geometry, extraordinary architecture, and unmatched designs, Temples of Angkor, Siem Reap is a Star Attraction and a city that is truly like no others. It is a kind of place to be seen by your very own eyes only. Truly magical and forever sensational to both of us! We are so excited to be back, always have ton of fun shooting here as unlimited amount of fine photography is being made despite numbers of our visit. The Temples of Angkor have the grand scale of The Great Wall of China, the majestic beauty and delicacy of Indian’s Taj Mahal, and the strong resemblance of Egyptian Pyramid, all combined into one; making its European castle counterparts blush. Akin to that of Egyptian Pyramid, they both provoked an obvious question “How were they built? (Especially when It was build almost a thousand years ago, in 1101”). These irresistible authentic Cambodian charms, unanswered wonders, and endless inspirations luring us to make our repeat visit to Siem Reap. As we have always been very fond of how Park Hyatt flawlessly and exquisitely blends chic modern vibes together with that of the charm of local authentic heritage, we have chosen to stay at Park Hyatt Siem Reap. It is exactly what we thought and hope it to be, an ultimate 5-star oasis located at the very heart of the vibrant, Siem Reap. It totally is a perfect & long waited holiday, a little break from GMAT. Ready to explore the enchanted Siem Reap and its spellbound temples of Angkor? Come this way! Quick!

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Upon our arrival at Siem Reap International Airport we were picked up by Park Hyatt Siem Reap representative, the journey to the hotel was smooth and swift, only 25 minutes! The address of Park Hyatt Siem Reap is truly second to none, only few minutes from French Colonial Quarter and only 10 minutes away from the national symbol, the heart and soul of Cambodia, and the state pride –  The Angkor Wat. Park Hyatt Siem Reap is designed by no other than the fabulous, Bill Bensley, the man behind opulent designs of Four Seasons (Samui, Chiang Mai, Golden Tent), The Siam Bangkok Hotel, and St. Regis Bali. The hotel is being decorated in art deco grace with fine touch of colonial style; marble floor, high ceiling, pure silk wall, and exquisite craftsmanship. My most favorite design of the hotel has to be that of “The Living Room”, an extra chic extra elegant bar and lounge filled endless books covered up with colorful silk fabrics, edgy custom made furniture designed by Bill Bensley himself, plush sofas topped with extra comfy pinkish purple pillows set in intimate corners. The living room is also a place where we checked in to our amazing “Rooftop Garden Suite with Private Balcony”. Ps. for welcome drink go for the freshly refreshing “Park Lemonade” – their signature homemade lemonade made from fresh strawberries and mint.

2016 Portfolio Recommend016_Must

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There is a beautiful staircase leading to our Rooftop Garden Suite with Private Balcony, giving a feeling of luxurious duplex. Once we entered, behind the closed door reveals the opulent living room (that comes with ensuite bathroom for visiting guests) decorated in contemporary yet vibrant Khmer style; perfect blend of best summery decor palette – vivid yellow, turquoise blue, and soft mint green. This 160 square meters top-floor-suite truly gives a residential comfort and the luxury of being in 5 star hotel. The best view of the sunset can be seen from our suite! It features not one but two spacious balconies; one sets in between the living room and the bedroom serving as private sun garden with daybed made for two while another set in the bed room compound featuring breakfast table and boasting a beautiful bird eye view of Park Hyatt Siem Reap Main Pool on 1st floor (another pool is the sea salt water located on the ground floor). The spacious wealth of the master bedroom is excellently segmented; there is even a mini living room with sofas, reading table, and book shelfs within itself, the all Italian marble bathroom comes with hot bathtub, rain shower, outdoor shower, and each comes with personal Mr. & Mrs. sinks, wardrobes, dressing area – one on the left another on the right. The suite also comes with separate kitchen room where in-suite Nesprecco coffee, welcomes fruits, and welcome snacks get replenish daily.

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You haven’t truly experience all of Park Hyatt Siem Reap without tasting its divine mouth watering dishes. Their food is most definitely one of the very best you will ever find in Cambodia. Our go-to menus are “Battambang Set Menu” and “Siem Reap Set Menu”, these two are the must-try and your satisfactions are a guarantee. If you are a beef lover, you would definitely enjoy “Battambang” as its main dish is the sensational “Wok Fried Beef Striploin” crushed with paper, onion, and watercress serving with steam rice. Its appetiser – Spring Roll (ask for deep fried one), its soup – Prawn Sour Soup, its dessert – Sticky Rice Pandan Castard with Mango are equally delicious. If you are seeking for something local yet light but flavourful go for “Siem Reap” which has appetiser of green mango chicken salad (very similar to Thai Papaya Salad but with the Khmer twist), main course of Wok Fried Prawn with non-spicy curry paste, and our forever favorite dessert of Akor Cake topped with coconut milk dipping. For the single dish “Beef Lok Lak” and “Seafood Amok” are highly recommended. The afternoon tea set is equally beautiful and delicious! The Dining Room’s flame-lit garden courtyard with centred giant banyan tree in the water garden provides a sophisticated tropical retreat. Fine dining with Apsara dance is also available, we would recommend advance table booking. Best table are the ones facing the performance, third and forth table from the left being the go-to tables.

Park Hyatt Siemreap 005IMG_4717IMG_4824-EditIMG_5050-Edit IMG_4514-EditSiem Reap, Colorful Ta ProhmPark Hyatt Siemreap 012IMG_5345-Edit

During our entire stay of 4 days and 3 nights stay at Park Hyatt Siem Reap, each day is being dedicated to daily visitation to Temples of Angkor. Do you feel the same way? To us both Park Hyatt Siem Reap and Temples of Angkor are really fashionable, there are something about these places that truly inspire you to dress up and be a part of it. There is no doubt that these temples are ones of the most inspired monuments ever conceived by the human mind and remaining as the largest religious complexes ever created in mankind history. Simply unique and matched by none, boasting a superb blending of spirituality and symmetry. A great example showcasing humanity and its devotion to the gods.  Our favorite temples are Bayon, Ta Prohm, Banteay Kdei, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and Preah Khan. Sunset at Angkor Wat is A “MUST” – not to be missed! Set up your wake-up call, trust us it is super worth it! No regrets! As repeat visits, we are always rewarded with previously unnoticed details; one of those being a small carving on a temple wall at Ta Prohm seems to show a dinosaur – a stegosaurus to be exact.  Is it possible that the carving could be the evidence indicating that dinosaurs really did live on until much later than previously thought? That will always remain mysterious, another irresistible charm of Khmer Beauty. Until we meet again our dearest  <3


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