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Soneva in Aqua: Redefining Luxury Travel

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We have been yearning for a journey across the expanse of the sea that stretched infinitely before us, the time of fantasy that reaches beyond the waves to the waters where the dolphins play. Soneva in Aqua is all that. It is the fantasy that has turned into reality and a perfect dream come true. Having the entire Yacht only for you as The Ultra Top-Notch Luxurious Overwater Floating Villa Suite in Maldives and Six Crew Members Dedicatedly Serving You Around The Clock (As if being in Maldives wasn’t enough already :)) One of those crew members is Six Senses Spa Therapist so you can have the treatment anytime and anywhere you like whether on private sandbank or onboard in the bedroom, in the living room, or on the main deck feeling the ocean breeze, the warmth of the Sunday against your skin while listening to the beautiful sound of the waves. Your personal chef is also on board, so all of your favorite mouthwatering dishes will be made available, the sky is the limit.  The yacht also takes you wherever you want to go, the sea is at your command. On board there are two Jacuzzis one outdoor and one in the master bedroom with sunken glass tub revealing underwater world beneath it and the ocean is your playground. Undoubtedly This is The Ultimate Barefoot Luxury, The Wildest Dream, and The Best of The Best of Any Bucket List. Once you have stepped on board there is no going back. Have we died and gone to heaven already?

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We are completely obsessed and crazy in love with Soneva Brand so we have stayed at every location there is. We have had our eyes on Soneva in Aqua ever since we first saw it from the press release back in April, 2013. Though it was computer generated graphic it was pretty what can be expected from this marvelously pioneering creation, truly elevating guest experience to another level. We have got the name “Soneva in Aqua” tattooed across our hearts. And now we are about to spend the next two days here! Yes!!! This 22.6 meters in length and 6.40 meters wide yacht is equipped with speed of 6 knots while most of the time cruising via yacht’s mainsail and let nature take us on the journey. Senses of privacy, exclusivity, tranquility, and ultra-luxe are A Total Guarantee. Designed with Soneva Original Barefoot Luxury Concept, therefore, the iconic style can be seen throughout the yacht. While having the freedom to cruise to Maldives’s most spectacular remote reefs and unseen paradise we are still receiving the same comfort as being onshore at Soneva Resort.

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Everything is being decorated in Soneva iconic style; colorful amenities & sofas & daybeds with matching oversized pillows and the usage of natural elements such as rich brown leathers, woods, and organic cottons. The outdoor of the main deck features the bar, the outdoor Jacuzzi, the dining area, the sun lounging area, and the overwater net. While the indoor part of the main deck features living room which is also the library decorated in Soneva iconic style with extra comfy and oversized green sofa & chains with matching colorful cushions. When you walk pass the living room few steps down the stairs you are one button away from our master bedroom. When you push the button the electronic door slights open and revealed the extra-large Jacuzzi made for two with sunken glass floor showing off the ocean’s floor beneath, king size bed with soft white linen sheet and haute couture pillows for a perfect night sleep, double mirrors/ double sinks/ double closets for Mr. & Mrs. on left and right, separated shower, separated toilet, and submarine windows boasting ocean view. The other side of the main deck is the second guest bedroom with king size bed, extra bed for children, makeup table, closet, and en-suite bathroom. No cruiser is complete without the captain’s wheel house which lies in the upper deck along with the outside lounging area with daybed and endless cushions we absolutely love the privacy and the panoramic view from here both day and night. Proper bed set up can be requested for a good night sleep under the stars. Isn’t it just perfect?

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Everything from food, drinks, destination, wellness & spa treatment, excursions, and activities are all customised and tailored made for you and your loved ones. For underwater wanderlusts, Soneva in Aqua offers you full access to on-board dive master who can can you on daily dives on exclusive locations and there are also plenty of the magical & remote snorkelling spots here at UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. For early birds, sunrise morning Thai Chi and Yoga on the deck is also available. For sea life wanderlusts sunset dolphin cruise is made possible. For slow life wanderlusts private spa treatments are made available both on board and offshore on the private island. For us we have chosen the combination of everything; waking up with the sunrise on the overwater hammock, snorkelling around remote islands, having aroma spa therapy on the sun deck of our yacht, sunset dolphin cruise, romantic dinner under the candle lights, midnight star gazing on the private sandbank where we finally found the milky way, and sleeping under the stars.

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Now there is a serious question we have to ask ourselves “Where are we going to go for a honeymoon now?”. Because if it is not impossible to top this, it will definitely be nearly impossible. After thinking long and hard, we smiled to ourselves. “Soneva Jani”, the latest edition of Soneva family which is set to open later this year. Locating on the island of Medhufaru in the Noonu Atoll, Maldives. One of many wow factors of Soneva Jani is the entry villa category which is “1 Bedroom Overwater Villa ” comes with its private pool and personal slider. Yes, you heard that correctly the slider! Usually only The Retreat has the slider but not here. Each and every villa does come with its very own slider. Oh and I heard that the villas are starting at the size of 400 square meters ++. I literally cannot wait for their opening! Ultra-luxe is – as usual- a guarantee.

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Upon our departure we took one last breath and one last look – long and hard. Packing all of those unforgettable memories and wonderful time we have had into our suitcases. And that is what an amazing holiday is all about – unforgettable memories & an experience of a life time. We are not sad to leave as we know that our journey continues endlessly. We will always go whenever Soneva is. Soneva is our sun and our sun sets to rise again <3


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