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Soneva Kiri, Untamed Jungle Home By The White Sand Beach: A Koh Kood’s Diary

It is so good to be back, the last time was 8 year ago when we were celebrating our 1st year anniversary together. Despite the long gap between these visits, Soneva Kiri has always been one of our top favorite three resorts in Thailand. In fact, Soneva is also one of our top favorite chains; we have been to every single property ever built. At Soneva, we always find the simple life at its very best; the kind of barefoot luxury meets secluded lush green tropical paradise. One of many things we like about Soneva Kiri is the swift and the ease of the travel, with 80 minutes direct flight from Bangkok’s Suvarnnabhumi Airport on the resort’s private jet. Time flew by so quickly, we hovered over many different beautiful islands of the Gulf of Thailand, the scenery that you normally would never see from Bird’s eye view (as there is no flight to Koh Kood or even our neighbor islands like Koh Chang or Koh Mak. After cruising down the turquoise clear water via our private speedboat, upon our arrival on this idyllic island, we were welcomed by our Miss Friday (as butlers are called here) on the jetty. She said, “Welcome back”. Let the holiday begin!

Perched on the undoubtedly best location of Koh Kood. Tacked away in this quiet and serene part of the island filled with tall palm trees, lush green garden, white sand beach, and crystal clear turquoise water. The place that started the “no news no shoes”, sink your feet into the sand or earth to reconnect with Mother Nature. Yes please, perfect by us! With an exclusive, total number of villas as little as 35 spreading across this 1,833 sqm. However, do not worry they got you covered, every single villa gets its very own electric buggy, yeah, and ours has our names tattooed on the wooden license plate! How thoughtful!


As we walk barefoot on this beautiful jetty floating on water, all sweets memories are coming back to us. Those homemade jams and freshly homemade pastry during Breakfast at the dining, happily tipsy in the afternoon with beautifully decorated tapas and matching Sangria (they never leave us empty handed) at so spirited, have I mentioned, drum-roll please, the unlimited complimentary chocolate & ice cream parlor? OK please do yourself a favor and order these followings; Salted Caramel / Tutti Frutti / Banana Toffee / Strawberry Cheesecake / Thai Tea/ Pumpkin Pomegranate / Afternoon Tea Ice-cream. Followed by sunset dinner at the view, where the ocean meets the horizon or a mouth-watering traditional Thai dinner on water at Benz. Get ready to be surprised because here there is no menu, Chef Benz is cooking the freshest catch of the day, and people this never goes wrong! Then late night beers and popcorn munching at the private open air on water “Cinema Paradiso”. Romantic night continues with stargazing or moon gazing at the observatory tower.


Checked into our villa, a magic haven awaits the kind that ocean view infinity pool reserve tree house meets the Soneva’s iconic water slide topped with break taking view and opulent living large areas. Still wants to play Jane and Tarzan, this is not to be missed; the unforgettable Tree Pod Dining. We enjoyed this so very much, Soneva Kiri really did take dining to the next level. Cushion sofa-like seats inside a bamboo pod, better bucket up as now we will be hoisting up with cable 20 feet off ground, with killer view once in the position among the native massang trees. It is like being in the giant comfortable bird nest on the trees top. Staring at the border-less shoreline with gentle waves dancing and washing away the coast. Take a deep breath; take in all the view as your savor gourmet delights sourced from resort’s organic garden or from local markets. Do get “woodland offering” Thai spice baked white fish in banana leaves with lime and Soneva Garden Salsa Verde. Yummy in our tummy!

I would say that the only downside of Soneva Kiri is the lack of its very own Private Beach; 8 years ago, there was this stunning private sunset beach, with endless palm trees and rainbow candy sky. The new beaches are beautiful though, but you have to take a speedboat from the jetty to the beach and there are two different beaches, which they switch-around. Overall, we are still in love with the property. After all, traveling is not just about getting away. It is about the quality with family and loved ones. In a place that inspired us, taught us a new way of living, provoked us to do new things, learn new things, and better ourselves and the environment around us. Soneva always gives us that and we are very proud to say that we have been to every single Soneva there is! But then they built Soneva Jani. So that is where we will be next! Stay tuned. Signing off with Love.

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