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Our Wild Retreat at Soneva Kiri: A Memoir of Koh Kood’s Coastal Haven

Returning to our untamed jungle home by the white sand beach feels like a reunion with an old friend, a friend we have not seen in 4 years, not since we celebrated our honeymoon here together. Despite the lengthy absence, Soneva Kiri remains firmly entrenched among our top three favorite resorts in Thailand. In fact, Soneva holds a special place in our hearts, as we have had the pleasure of experiencing every property they have ever opened. For us, Soneva epitomizes the essence of a simple yet luxurious life, where barefoot elegance meets secluded tropical paradise. Follow us in our journey to the Soneva Kiri luxury resort experiences.

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Soneva Kiri, Untamed Jungle Home By The White Sand Beach: A Koh Kood’s Diary

It is so good to be back, the last time was 8 year ago when we were celebrating our 1st year anniversary together. Despite the long gap between these visits, Soneva Kiri has always been one of our top favorite three resorts in Thailand. In fact, Soneva is also one of our top favorite chains; we have been to every single property ever built. At Soneva, we always find the simple life at its very best; the kind of barefoot luxury meets secluded lush green tropical paradise. One of many things we like about Soneva Kiri is the swift and the ease of the travel, with 80 minutes direct flight from Bangkok’s Suvarnnabhumi Airport on the resort’s private jet. Time flew by so quickly, we hovered over many different beautiful islands of the Gulf of Thailand, the scenery that you normally would never see from Bird’s eye view (as there is no flight to Koh Kood or even our neighbor islands like Koh Chang or Koh Mak. After cruising down the turquoise clear water via our private speedboat, upon our arrival on this idyllic island, we were welcomed by our Miss Friday (as butlers are called here) on the jetty. She said, “Welcome back”. Let the holiday begin!

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